"Broken roads often lead to beautiful destinations, don't allow negativity or the hard times in life allow you to make the wrong turn off the path you were meant to be on"

- Inspired by Jon Collins

Jon has a collectiveof over 500 thousand active followers on all social media platforms. His team hasdecided to use his platform to help fund cancer research.

- Philanthropic Focus

For every shirtpurchased, a portion of the proceeds goes to support a cancer research organization.

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My "Why

Born in Georgia, I grew up with a love for country music, being taught respect, and southern hospitality. As a kid, I was a baseball lover and dedicated myself to the sport up untiI I was injured in college and could no longer play. I lost both my grandparents and my mother to cancer way too soon. Experiencing trauma or severe life stressors, it’s not uncommon for someone to unravel. Now life has taken me here to all of you reading this today. Through all my pain and struggle with loss, broken relationships throughout my life, and life lessons I have developed my greatest strength today. My passion to bring positivity, healing, and a smile to people who have also been through traumatic and stressful losses or even the struggle of everyday life. It's the best feeling to inspire people from all over the world with a song, funny video, or a strong message in intention to brighten their day as a reminder to keep smiling and push through the pain and struggle, no matter how hard life might get. We are all beautiful in this world, in our own special ways. Mindset is key, the struggle you face today, is developing your strength for tomorrow. Through the difficult times of the pandemic of COVID-19 not being able to work, I came across this app TikTok. This pandemic has hit all of us in many different ways, but has also brought so many of us closer and taught us how important family and friends really are.I began this journey then, by spreading positivity and strength to people all over the world. I would like to thank all of you for the love and support, which drives me to continue my passion. The amount of love and reciprocation from my message has been an absolute blessing. My broken road has led me here. Proof that if you push through the negativity, have strength through the struggle, everyone's road can end with a beautiful destination. Keep god in your heart, stay humble, and keep your eyes on the road.